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Leo Ribeiro Software Engineer

My Expertise

Hi, I'm Leo Ribeiro! A Brazilian software developer with 14+ years of experience. Father and husband in sunny South Florida. I started developing at 13 years old and since then have worked on a wide range of projects including Android apps, iPhone apps, enterprise software, Web apps and more. I'm constantly expanding my skill set and challenging myself with new languages, tools and technologies so I can better help my clients build what they need and reach their goals.

EOS Blockchain

EOS Blockchain

This is where I'm all excited about: developing blockchain smart contracts and tooling for EOS Blockchain. I've already released two Dapps that are in the EOS Main Network!

Front End

My most recent front-end projects have been Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Apps built with React, Vue or Angular, as well as plain Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Back End

The bulk of my back-end portfolio is made up of Java - utilizing EE, Spring, Hibernate and building Microservices - for enterprise clients. Recently, I've also worked with PHP and node.js

Mobile Apps

I have the most experience building Android and iPhone apps with ReactNative and Ionic. I've also delved into Java and Objective-C.

Functional Programming

elm-lang Phoenix Framework Elixir

Currently what I'm spending my free time on. I love functional programming and currently use the Elm + Phoenix + Elixir ❤ stack on my own projects and innovative clients.


salesforce apex SAP Abap Workflow BW

SalesForce is my bread and butter with experience in implementation projects and 3 managed packages using Apex and VisualForces. I've worked as consultant for SAP ERP systems starting as an ABAP developer and then in Business Warehouse, also working with SAP Fiori and UI5.


Git is my faithful squire: all my sources and files are managed by git repositories. Usually my apps are setup on AWS using EC2, S3, RDS and DynamoDB. My deploy pipeline includes Dockerized Apps on Amazon ECR.

My Playground

Here I'll share my thoughts and some tests around trending tech